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Why special schools are a boon to autistic kids?

Do you grade your hand as useless if one of your fingers is hurt? Or do you help it recover and get it in a good condition as before? Of course, you use the medicines and wait for the effect to take place with patience, into a fully functioning condition.

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Then, does it really require a big question hovering around, whether a child, if autistic, should need special attention. When we can provide care and attention to a broken and unhealthy finger, why not a child, if not healthy, could be met with the same care and attention?

The general mindset of people often disregards the potential ofspecial children because of their unawareness. This is the reason why the special needs never reach the bar of expectations. Firstly, all the kids are admitted into normal schools, but in case if they are not able to cope up with the normal educational system they can be admitted to special schools.

Right now, as per the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, autistic children who face problems in coping up with regular schools are sent to special schools. But this often stays as the topic of discussion what is the need for special schools for disabled children. We are putting forth five reasons, why it is important and how can it boost their conditions positively.

Because it’s their school

Just imagine you are put up in a race against a leopard, or in a fight with club bear. What would you expect yourself to do, or what do you think will be your condition after a certain time? Yes, you are right. You would totally fall into the trap and fail. Then how can we expect autistic kids to feel boosted with confidence if they are matched against the students where they are finding it hard to compete with. There might be kids with lots of excellence and capabilities to shine in the stars, but it is our responsibility to give them the environment to rise and sparkle.

Special Attention can be given as per their disabilities

In Special Schools, the teachers and support staffs are well acquainted with the kid’s conditions and are trained to deal with the extremes. The teachers are supposed to mold the future and bring out the best from the kid. That can be obtained only when the teachers are aware of the pain and suffering that normally exists in one’s life, if he/she is autistic.

Less suffering, more development

When you take out all the negative factors that can bring you down, morally, mentally and physically, isn’t it sure that the road shall only take you ahead? Similarly, when the factors like, brutal competition in normal school, or the teasing and hunting down of autistic kids by some arrogant bully kids and others are taken out, it becomes a safe environment. Moreover, this allows progress and attainment of goals with peace of mind. You don’t need to remind the autistic kids how far below the bar they lie when they are made to study in special schools.

Visual aids and better education platforms

Well, visual aids should be provided in schools in any case, but in case of autistic kids, it becomes a necessity. As per few researches and surveys, kids develop a better memory and become more comfortable with the implementation, when the visual aids and videos are used for teaching. When teaching includes only two modes of reading books and listening, it becomes a comparatively harder task to remember.

Proper care and parent’s inclusion

In special schools, it is made sure that the autistic kids are not only given proper care and air of comfort in the school hours, but also at their homes. The parents are regularly called in and reported about the condition of their kids, and are also trained as to how to deal with various emotions and struggles that they are facing or might face.

These kids are delicate and are precious members of our society. You can always try to send them to normal school but only if they can cope, because if they aren’t ready for it, all these years of their life would be in vain.