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What are the major issues that contribute towards feeding difficulty?

One of the most difficult times for the family of children with special needs is definitely mealtime. It becomes an extremely sensitive issue for the parents as they need to ensure that the child gets the required nutrition or else other health issues can follow. While there are no treatment methods that you can possibly find, your speech therapy center in Kochi can help you with certain solutions to get around the issues effectively. However understanding the reasons behind the problems can help the parents better manage the issues.

Let us take a look at those reasons;

Sensory Issues:

Most of the times, the sensory issues are the most fundamental reason that causes all other issues related to feeding. Children with special needs will have a high time responding normally to diverse combinations, textures, taste and temperatures of the food. This will coerce them to stick with foods they are familiar with and over a time, it will become the only foods they will eat.

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Oral-Motor Concerns:

Tone and strengths can be the major reasons for most of the oral-motor issues that the children face when it comes to eating. Parents need to understand that the children must develop above-average gross-motor skills before they can attain any better levels of oral-motor skills. However, it must be kept in mind that any oral-motor difficulty must be attended only after the sensory concerns have been taken care of.

Behavioral Issues:

This may not be counted as a reason for feeding issues by many parents. However, many of the speech and language therapists in Kochi postulate that children can develop certain feeding issues because of behavioral difficulties. When children are deprived of the attention from their parents, they will quickly develop certain food habits realizing that it is the only are they have control on.

Medical Issues:

Sometimes, medical issues can also be reasons for children to develop dislike towards food items and it can be anything from gastrointestinal to cardiopulmonary and even to any sort of pharmaceutical issues that parents may not understand at the primary stage itself. Visual impairment also can be a major issue when the child cannot see what he/she is eating.

When it comes to addressing feeding issues in children with the help of a professional speech therapist in Aluva or a speech therapy center in Kochi, understanding the underlying issues must be the primary focus. Diagnosing the issues will help plan effective intervention techniques which can drive faster and better results.