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Ways to Improve Vocabulary for Children

Having helped several children with speech therapy sessions in Kochi,we have understood that the lack of vocabulary is one of the pressing issues that limit the children with special needs from communicating. They, most of the times, are at a loss of correct words to describe what they feel, want and everything else in general. However, any speech therapist in Kaloor would advise the parents to help the children improve their vocabulary.

As such, as one of the best speech therapy centers in Kochi, we have come up with a few ways to help you with the same;

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Always describe the word:

One of the best ways to help the children memorize words is to describe the words to the children. For example, if you are teaching your child the word ‘merchant’, talk to them about the local merchants in your area where you shop at.

Let the child use the word couple of times:

Once you have described the word and used the same in a couple of sentences, ask the child to use the same as he/she would like. The parents must support the child to construct meaningful sentences with the words.

You can also act the word out:

According to professional speech pathologists in Aluva, acting the words out is the best way to help a special needs child understand the word. While acting the words out children can easily understand the meaning of the word and can recollect the word when in need of the same.

Have the children draw the word:

Another way to help the child remember the words being taught to them is to have them draw it. Especially when teaching children nouns. Since drawing requires sometime and the children will be thinking about the word while drawing, it can easily get etched in the minds of the children

Use images of words:

Visuals are an exciting way to help the children learn new words and remember them. Show them the images and explain the same to them. Later you can show only the images and ask them to repeat the word back to you.

Encourage the children to use the words:

As the children learn new words, ask them to constantly use these words in daily conversations. This will help them effectively make use of the words as and when they need it.

Apart from all of these techniques, if you are going to get the support of a speech pathologist in Kochi, ensure that you learn a couple of techniques from them as well. Engaging in small talks and little conversations with the child is also extremely important to improve their overall communication skills.