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Using Parent Power To Build Relationships

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Parents have a power over their children like no other person or people have. It is when this power or force is put to good use that a proper parenting exercise is established. Parents are more than just friends and relations where the parents use the power is bound to be more harmonious and relatively easy to manage.

Clear expectations

As in any form of relationships, parents are bound to have certain expectations from their children. It is important that the expectations are clearly marked between the parents and children. This cause lesser strains in dealing with each other and at the same time establishes limits of behavior and actions.

It is also a natural thing for children to have a certain set of operational expectations from the parents as well. Most healthy relations go beyond the provision of food and shelter. Emotional bonding is a must to a good parent child relationship. The relation between the different members of the family too would define the parameters of any bonding.

Allow choices

It is often a good practice that a number of choices are presented to children in doing anything. This would give a sense of participation for the young minds that helps with better bonding in relationships. Choices are also a healthy way of getting young minds to help with decision making and could lead to more decisive and sure footed adults.

In giving choices it must not look as though the parents or elders offering the choice is lacking in resolve. There have been numerous instances in relationships that would call for other people to make decisions for others. This is a practice that needs to be stopped at the very beginning of a relationship; to help with a healthy and fruitful interaction.

Act as a guide

Parents must be able to act as guides than bosses. With the very young toddlers, it would be necessary to act a bit authoritarian. As children grow older and are capable of making own decisions, it is necessary to come out of the boss mode to more of a guide. This helps build a better relationship and helps build confidence in the children about their abilities.

Hand holding beyond a point makes young minds too dependent and must be avoided at all costs. Parents are there when needed and the children must be able to stand on their own without help or support from anyone else. Smart parenting aims at making the children self sufficient and independent of the elders for daily routines and most requirements of a young mind.

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Be creative

Young children have active imaginations. This helps with parenting by allowing the parent to be as creative as possible. Role plays can move on from the traditional roles that define relationships to take on new forms of presentation. The imaginative minds can be tuned to try out role plays and such activities more easily. This is one way of utilizing time and energy more productively.

By harnessing the minds of young children to try out new roles and possible positions in the family routine would only help in forming mature adults that would be good at decision making. It is but a good parent that recognizes the potential in their own children to guide and channelize the energies to bring forth responsible and active members of society