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The Qualities That Sets Apart A Good Parent

The balancing act

Parenting can be at times the most demanding of tasks that a person goes through. It becomes more of diplomacy if there is more than a single child that needs attention. Stress must be placed on spreading the attention to all members of the family and not just a single child. The most human trait of comparison with other parents and other children is something that must be avoided to bring about a balance to this very onerous duty that most people go through. Often a good parent comes into being with practice and experience rather than being born a good parent. Laid out below are some good traits that an experienced and successful parent must inculcate.

Understanding the children

This could be easier said than done. With most child parent relationship, getting to know the needs and requirements of a child is half the battle won. What must be kept in mind is that the child does not have the advantage of experience on its side to guide through a relationship. This makes it imperative that most good parents must be willing to learn and must accept that each child is different.

Give unconditional love:


Each child must be loved equally and without pre conditions. The grave mistake most parents commit is that the child is felt needed and loved during periods of good behavior or mostly acceptable behavior. This could lead to an unhealthy parent child relationship which could bring out imbalances in children. Children must be felt needed and loved during the most trying of conditions that a child goes through and this could well be the periods of bad behavior.

The need for praise:

There is no emphasizing the need for praise with a child. With praise at the right moments a positive relationship is built that could lead to a more healthy relationship between the child and parent. Praise of actions and deeds could well establish a healthy relation which could bring out a healthier relationship.

Do not pick favorites:

One of the gravest mistakes is to pick a favorite among the different children. This creates different feeling in the rest of the children and could lead to disharmony among the sibling. Each and every child craves attention and if it is very evidently felt that a particular child is the favorite, could lead to an unbalanced relationship.

Set good examples:

The best teacher for any toddler is the parent and how best the parent sets an example in behavior and thought would reflect in the immediate dealing that the child has. Most children would tend to idolize the parents early on in the childhood and how best the parent behaves would set the tenor of the child’s behavior as teenagers and adults.

Spending quality time:

With the pressures that modern day living has on people it is often the children of the family that affected at first. It is important that the lack of sufficient time to be spent with the children is made up by having quality time. That is, the little time is spent in activities that the children appreciates and cherishes. This would help the children relate to the values and actions that good parents would set out for them.