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The Difference Between Good And Bad Parenting

There is more to good parenting than just being good to the children. With the various ways of exercising control, it comes as no particular surprise that good parenting is often arrived at by a trial and error method. The various combinations of character and behavior make parenting one of the hardest jobs to master but that which gives enormous returns if done correctly.

Should the child ask?

It is common practice that most parents teach the young child to ask for anything that he might want. This could well be a lesson in manners too, with the nice way of asking being taught to the child. But surprisingly, a lot of toddlers and even the teenagers do take offence at this requirement. If even the most basic needs have to be asked to receive, it soon becomes humiliation for the young ones. This can best be avoided by applying a simple rule that differentiates the most essential from the real goodies that the child needs.

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Get the child to do as told

If people could just master the art of getting things done at minimal effort, then things would be a lot easier. Sadly, in real life it simply isn’t so. It is important that children are trained to do as told till they are mature enough to make their own independent decision. How to go about to controlling the child to do as told is the million dollar question.

With the numerous ways of gaining attention and the tried and tested ways to get children to do as needed, it soon becomes apparent that getting obedience is no small thing. Particularly, if the obedience is had at little effort. It is more of a mind conditioning thing to get children to obey and more often than not it is a sum total of what has been tried and tested right from the very early stages of development.

Treating the child as an equal

Giving a child his bit of respect does not do harm to any relationship that is formed with the young one. People are so taken in by a false sense of greatness that they are not prepared to come down to the level of the small toddler.

In a lot of cultures, the elders or grownups do occupy certain high points that make people loathe bringing themselves to the level of the child. If a child has to be controlled effectively, then it is imperative that such airs be left behind and a proper approach be initiated with the young one.

There are a lot of cultural differences as well. For instance Eastern cultures do not allow a display of emotions with particularly the children. Elders are venerated and as such they are expected to keep a distance to the children. Even in such situations, the mothers of the children are not normally held back by such standards. This does allow at least a parent to get close and friendly with a child and this could well be the starting point to a fruitful relationship.


With the various methods and means that differing cultures apply in the case of children it soon becomes apparent that different and new ideas can indeed be tried out within the binds afforded by the cultural barriers.