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Supporting a Boy Child with Autistic Disorder

The child and the concerns

Tom was a child who is 34 months old and he attends preschool. He was the third child of the parents who live in Kadavanthra in Kochi.He has two elder sisters and the family lives with Tom’s paternal grandparents.

The parents consulted us as recommended by one of the friends of a previous client. They informed us that the child exhibits erratic behaviors and tantrums that include drawing away from people and screaming.

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Observation and solutions:

Though we had understood the issues when talked to the parents, the siblings and the teacher of the child, we needed to get to the bottom of the issue. So, our team consisting of some of the best speech pathologists in Kochi carried out a functional analysis of Tom’s behavior at several different contexts such as during meals, school, play, transportation and bed.

Once we have understood the issues, in order to measure the severity concerns, we planned for several methods including observations and interviews. We have also made notes of the behavioral patterns and created intervention plans.One of the strategies was to give the child conducive environments that will help the child develop socially acceptable behaviors. We also created strategies to help him make friends at his school.

We have also created a plan that helped the parents avoid cues that triggered erratic and socially awkward behaviors from Tom.Sessions to orient the parents, siblings and grandparents of Tom were also created to support him cope with difficult situations.

The result and changes observed

As a result of the continuous support and execution of the intervention plans, Tom started to exhibit lesser instances of erratic behaviors at the school and at home. Though the child was able to develop several socially acceptable behaviors and get rid of tantrums, we continued the intervention further to help the child reduce autistic behaviors as well.