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A first standard child who did not outgrow from the disfluency stage

The child and the concerns

Keerthi is the second girl child of the parents who live in Paravur, Ernakulam. The child lives with her parents, their parents and her elder brother who is in fifth standard. The parents said that Keerthi’s speech development was late and it only developed gradually.

They said that though, she had fluency issues, it became more difficult and severe when she began attending school. It is then that the parents were advised by her teacher to get the help of a speech therapist in Kochi who can help Keerthi with her condition.

How we crafted a befitting intervention program as a compassionate speech pathologist in Kochi for Keerthi.

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Hearing the child’s condition, we discussed the case between all the speech therapy specialists in Kochi, at our center to understand the underlying issue. At the end of the discussion, we arrived at the primary conclusion that the child might not have outgrown the natural dysfluency stage every child enters during the speech developmental process.

To ensure that Keerthi was physically alright, we examined her speech and hearing faculties and brain activities, all of which have been found to be normal. And, our specialist speech pathologists in Kochiconcluded that it is the classical case as suspected.

We planned for an intervention plan that would not only help the child escape from issue but also help her lower the impact of the issue had on the child’s social life. Several on-board techniques were employed to change the characteristics of speech and speech patterns of the child. We also gave breathing techniques to improve her speech.

The parents and the teacher of the child were brought on-board, as well. We oriented them at our speech therapy center in Kochi to make understand the techniques and how they can help Keerthi addresses the issue effectively.

The result

Over a period of 8 months of effective support from our specialist speech pathologists in Kochi, Keerthi has shown significant improvement and the impact of the disorder reduced from ‘severe’ to ‘mild’.