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All You Need to Know About Non-Verbal Learning Disorders

Often, when we come to know about various learning disorders, what come to the mind of the people are Dyslexia and various other disabilities that involve learning and language. However, one of the more-common disabilities that do not get the limelight is non-verbal learning disabilities. However, it may not be formally diagnosed, it is important that you get the help of the best speech therapy centre who can augment the communication skills of the child with the same disability. Although supporting child with non-verbal learning disabilities or NVLD is an important aspect that can set the children in the right course, many parents do not understand the importance of the interventions by a speech & language therapist in children with NVLD.

One of the important things to understand that kids who have NVLD may not have issues understanding language, reading, comprehending and learning in a mechanical way. However, this may affect a wide range of other issues.

As learned by speech & language therapists, there are five areas where children with NVLD show weaknesses. However, it has to be understood that not all children exhibit weakness in all the areas explained below.

Troubled Spatial and Visual Awareness:

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Most of the children who have NVLD have dilemma in comprehending visual imageries. For instance, when children with NVLD are tasked to copy structures like a sphere, they tend to produce shapes with ‘intense distortions’. It is said that children cannot completely perceive the sphere and the forms that make the sphere, and as a result, they are unable to reproduce the same.

There are also other issues regarding spatial awareness in children. Most children with NVLD cannot make the relationship between the things they perceive and the information related to the location of the same.

Poor Understanding of Advanced Math Concepts

At the beginning, it is observed that children with NVLD perform better than most children as they only need to memorize data. However, when getting older and required to solve complex mathematical problems based on patterns and concepts, they quickly fall behind.

Weak Higher Order Comprehension:

According to speech & language therapists, higher order comprehension is the ability of a person to understand the main idea in something; the complementing ideas that complete the central idea, how each of these connects with each other and their relationship with the central idea. For children who have NVLD, their ability to tell a story, construct essays and comprehend reading will be affected and this, in turn, can also affect the child’s ability to learn and take notes.

If you are approaching a speech therapy centre Ernakulam, the interventions would normally include sessions to improve the higher order comprehension on the child for sure as this can complement all other sessions the child may need to undergo.

Subpar Executive Functions

These are the skills people utilize to put in order our thinking, plan and execute actions, and work on how various problems we they face can be solved. And most of the children having NVLD are weak in planning, organizing and executive functions. This affects them to even plan for a small assignment given to them.

Weakened Social Communication Abilities:

It is a common disability found in most children with NVLD; they fail to understand the facial expressions, emotional and body cues of the people they interact with. This will make it difficult for the children to make what is happening in a social setting. This may tend them to stay away from social interactions which will further deteriorate the quality of their social life. Some of the best speech therapy centers in Kochi can definitely help the children with NVLD improve the quality of social life through speech and language sessions, for sure.

Though these are the most pressing issues that need the support from speech therapy centers in Kochi, there are other smaller issues as well. However, one should not jump into the conclusion that the severity of the issues in children with NVLD is similar. As every individual is unique, the children exhibit diverse severity in all the above given issues they face. As a result, any speech & language therapist must be able to devise speech and language therapy in Kochi according to the requirements of the child.