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Some Common Habits That Children Picks Up Easily

There are a lot of behavioral patterns or habits that young minds pick up from the adults. It is often noticed that bad habits are often learnt more quickly than good behavior. The reasons for doing so might be at times the gratification that is had with bad behavior. Discussed at length are some traits and the simple ways of dealing with them.

Getting physical

As children the earliest lessons in behavior is to be done with response systems. It is common for children to get in the habit of physical abuse of other children quite early on in life. That violence is not the answer to any problem is to be inculcated early and must be enforced strictly. If violence is given an upper hand, then it is going to help further in the development of adults that use violence to achieve their means with their children and immediate family.

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Violence has the attribute that it leads to more violence and the cycle continues to a level that it soon becomes hard to control. If as infants and young children, the correct impression would only help bring about a more disciplined member of society.

Lies and more lies

The second most undesirable habit that a child learns is to tell lies. More often than not, this is a habit that is picked up from the older members of the household. Lies if not kept in check would lead to the building of skewed values that would justify the means to the ends.

It is common feature that lies would only feed lies. That is, more lies have to be told to cover up for the earlier lies. This whole process could feed in cycles that would soon come to a point that sight is lost on the actual truth in situations.

Stealing from others

With children of the impressionable age, it pays to have a good attitude towards stealing from others. Small misadventures would often go unchecked to lead to citizens that would not hesitate bending the facts to gain own ends. There should be no two ways about it; stealing is unacceptable.

Foul language

As young children, it is often noticed that the first few words that they pick up are the swear words and unsavory use of language. This must not mean that speech is bad in total. Careful screening of what the child get to watch on TV and other media would to a large extent take care of such problems.

It is usually observed that language is picked up from other children in play and at school. If careful choice of school and places of leisure is done, it is bound to address the vexed situation of foul language in children to a large extent.

Setting examples

Young children are good observers and they do tend to idolize the older children and adults around them. Thus whatever the elder members of society sets as examples to the young minds do tend to make a lasting impression on the children. This is what builds habits in children. So, if sufficient care is taken in controlling the behavior and habits of the older folks in the presence of children, it is bound to have a lasting impression on the young minds.