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Role Of Special Education In Society

There are a number of people that would say that differently able children are a curse too society. Nothing could be rather than the truth. We must look at ability in a holistic manner. Even Stephen Hawking was born differently able. It is the support that he received from the immediate family members that led him on a path of discovery and science.

This brings to focus the role that ability plays in society and particularly so with the immediate family members.

What defines special education?

The special methods to achieve fulfillment in different able children in society be it a physical or mental disability is special education. At times the support could be just mental and in another instance, the support could well be physical.

That a differently able or handicapped member of society cannot lead a normal life but can be effectively used to bring forth better integration to society is demonstrated amply by special education. Each candidate is assisted in different ways and more often, each solution to a problem is unique in every sense.

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The role of least resistive education

By using a least restrictive learning environment, people with disabilities are made to grow in an atmosphere that tries to deviate from a normal being to the least possible manner. Thus the student is brought as nearly normal as possible. This very concept is usually applied to government and government aided institutions since most governments are bound be regulations that make such practice a must.

The idea is to treat the infirm as nearly as normal as possible. When areas of disability are encountered, just the minimal extra support is provided. Thus, an infirm person is treated as normal as possible.

Special education tries to be inclusive to bring all those at the periphery to the main stream. This ensures that a disabled person is made conscious of his disability to the least. Most countries have laws and legislation that ensures that this method is given prime of place in educational institutes.

Identifying students needing special attention

Usually till the age of seven, it is possible to bring up a disabled child as closely as possible to the normal ones. Usually after this age the growth patterns are such that specialized attention would need to be given in case of physical as well as mental shortcomings. Thus, it is observed that special facilities need to be used after the age of seven in children.

There are specific methods and ways that are used to evaluate children with disabilities and most cultures would help to integrate such people to society as closely as possible. Here well laid out procedures are used to evaluate the extent of disability and the ways to tackle them. Research has shown that the sooner that the special child are made to follow the modified practices the better benefits that the child in question gets.

The limitations of disabilities

That a particular child is different is first to be accepted by the immediate family members and next the general society. It is also important that the child is made to realize his infirmity as well. The start to remedial steps must start from the homes of such children. Most differently able children would have other facilities that are better developed than the general population and that could be put to good use.