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Raising Children To Be Responsible

Success in life can often be linked to responsible behavior. It is often the better prepared and the most complete academic programs that would aim at getting the children responsible in life. Responsibility comes from being accountable in action and word. It also instills a feeling of accountability towards efforts expended in getting them properly trained as well.

By being responsible, the children are held accountable for actions as well as behavior quite early in life and that is not mean thing. The patents must involve the children in their day to day affairs even in decision making activities. Often a responsible child does take academics seriously too, aiming to have high grades and results a well.

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The start

Children even as young as three or four years old can be made to start feeling responsible and accountable. Most studies have indicated that responsibility comes with being held accountable for actions early on in life. A carrot and stick policy that would emphasize good behavior and action can help with this. Reinforcing good conduct by proper rewards is the first step towards feeling responsible.

The most basic of responsibilities is to pay attention to personal grooming. Brushing teeth, combing hair, etc that a young child can be made to done for themselves. These are the first responsibilities that a young child must be put through. That this is daily routine does help bring on the need to be responsible to self and family. As children grow older then things like setting the table for meals, cleaning up afterwards, and such type of activities that involve a better sense of responsibility is attempted.

Continuity of actions

It must be inculcated that responsibility is a continuous process. There cannot be a single day when a person does not brush teeth or bathe themselves. Even in times of sickness these are activities that need to be done. The concept that being responsible cannot be done on and off but right through the lives of people must be impressed on children early in life.

Being responsible comes with taking up increasingly higher tasks at home and school for young children. As children take up more serious tasks they would tend to realize the importance of being help accountable to actions committed. It is a good thing to realize the importance of good deeds and the need to continue through with them.

Ability to think for themselves

The feeling of responsibility should inculcate the need to think for themselves in children. Often young minds would tend to be following a herd mentality. The need to act for themselves first and the immediate family next must be brought on quite early in the development of character in children. It is this feeling of acting for themselves that brings forth responsible behavior.

First and foremost any responsible action is a duty that is being attempted for themselves first and other factors second. That there are responsibilities towards others that are as important as for themselves is to be brought to the notice of children at the very early stages of their development. There are occasions when the responsibilities toward society do override the responsibilities to oneself. The need to prioritize responsibilities is what sets apart responsible child from the more carefree behavior. It is the astute child that learns to pay proper attention to priorities in life and to maintain an equilibrium.

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