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Is early intervention needed for your child?

As developmental issues have been made more aware to the general public and parents, it is natural for the parents to be confused as to if their children need any sort of intervention during their developmental stages. Many parents do not even consider of such a possibility and they refrain from getting the help of a speech therapy center

However, understanding if the child’s development cycle is normal is really important to plan for early intervention for a speech pathologist . As a result, the parents need to keep in mind the following.

Behavior of the child from the very first day

It has to be understood that children development from the very first day and the child will constantly develop and display her personality. What is important is that, even when the children are unique, most of them develop at a regular pace. Though the developmental concerns begin to be displayed as the child ages, there are certain unlikely behaviors that can be observed such as refusal to being held, fear of movement, sensory difficulties and feeding difficulties. However, the developmental issues begin to show as the children grow and as they need to express their needs, wants and when they are responding to their surroundings.

The developmental milestones tend to happen to all children at similar periods of their development. But in children with developmental concerns, they may not happen as historically expected. When the child is not meeting the milestones as she must, it is always better to consult a specialized speech pathologist for earlier interventions.

Why early interventions?

Interventions are a collection of various therapy services that can help the child reach the developmental millstones that she was unable to meet previously. Getting the support from one of the best speech and language therapy centers is really important to get the desired results.

There are always confusions in parents while getting the help of a speech and language pathologist . However, it is important that you consult a physician if your child;

Is not crawling even after being 10 months old

Is not imitating gestures, pointing or waving even after being 12 months old

Is not able to walk even after being 18 months old

Cannot manipulate form boards, nesting cups and ring stacks even after being 18 months old

Does not speak or understand minimum 50 words even after being 18 months old

Early interventions are a key factor in deciding the result of the therapies that the child undergoes. Hence, identifying the needs and getting the support of a speech and language center is really important.