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How To Remain Happy

Happiness is such subjective subjects that it is rarely possible to have two people agree to what makes them happy. For most people there are certain triggers that sets forth happy mood. It is often noticed that content people are also generally happy. When a person feels that all his needs and wants have been indeed fulfilled, then they tend to be happy.

It is possible to condense the most common traits that people who are happy have about them. It does help to try and relate to these findings that are bound to make other people happy too.

Varies from person to person

As the whole area of happiness is such a varying and ever changing world, it does help to understand the feeling that most people have when happy. If a five year old would be thrilled to have a new remote controlled car, the same car when presented to a fifteen year old would evoke different emotions. That is because the fifteen year old has a more developed set of feelings than a five year old and the world of a fifteen year old would not be the same as the five year old.

Here the role that emotions play in making a person happy does play to its full. It is the professed role that an occupational therapist that aims at keeping everyone emotionally fulfilled. At times when a person is feeling dull and off color, the changes those circumstances bring about does change with physical as well as emotional settings.

Naturally happy

There are indeed those people that are naturally happy. They do tend to have a complete sense of being that is kept fulfilled at all times. The saying “when life gives you a lemon, make lemonade” suits these people to the hilt. This set of people do tend to have a very fulfilled existence that knows little let downs. It does help to be among the naturally happy at all times as the effect could rub on the fellow beings as well.


One of the most essential and common feature that a happy person has is abundance of sleep. At most times a happy person does indeed tend to sleep longer and deeper. It takes a fresh mind to be happy and sleep does play an important role in maintaining the chemical balance of the brain. Lack of sufficient sleep does bring about an edgy personality that tends to play a good part in our dealing with everyday life.


Fitness and good emotional balance are linked. It is a fit person that remains free of health worries that keep people less worried and sad too. The release of chemicals in the brain with exercise does tend to keep a person happy and fit at the same time too.

Exercise does keep a person more than just healthy. The proper balance between exercise and a happy outlook in life is well noticed in people of different cultures. A few simple exercise steps do bring about a varied change in thinking as well as the physical well being.


There is no one factor that keeps a person happy. With the inputs that society gives to an individual, it is often the surroundings people and sights that go on to make a person happy and healthy.