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How to Help Your Nonverbal Child Speak

One of the most challenging aspects in dealing with children with autism is to get them to learn speaking. Researchers have published findings emphasizing that language skills can be developed in nonverbal children, even after the age of four, and in teenagers, as well.


With this in mind, we bring to you this post of tips to help your nonverbal child speak;

Support play and social interaction:

Playing is one of the major aspects that help child understand the concept of sociability. It is through playing that a child learns many things and language is one of such things leant through while playing. As playing promotes social interactions, it can help them slowly develop language skills.

Create impressions of your child:

Mimicking the behavioral patterns and the sounds of your child can help them be encouraged to be more vocal and daring to talk. One of the aspects that shy children away from talking is their fear of being not accepted. When the child understands that you are with him/her, it can be a great perquisite for them to make attempts to talk.

Let the child fill the language gap:

This is another important aspect that parents need to take care of while helping the child learn the language. It is natural to have an urge to help the child with language when there is a gap from the child while talking. Wait patiently for the child to make the effort to find the right word or the phrase to continue communicating. Encourage them with prompts with the sounds that they make. This can further encourage them to communicate.


Talk simple language: Another important aspect that can help your child start communicating more confidently is to ensure that the language you talk is simple. Help the child use and get acquainted with words they constantly use. If the child is playing with a ball, use word such as ‘roll’ or ‘ball’. Connect words to create a phrase such as ‘roll ball’ that are easier for the child to understand, repeat and use.


Simple techniques such as these, over a period of time, can definitely help the child become more verbal.