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How Speech Pathology Affects Good Communication

Communication is s essential to life to bring to the notice of others our feelings as well as any other messages. It can be of two types, one verbal and the other non verbal. Verbal communication is the process of receiving and sending messages through words. Most children would make some efforts to this type of communication right from infancy. Usually the skills of verbal communication keep on developing right through childhood and well into adult life. This is one skill that could deteriorate with negligence and without proper practice.

Speech pathology

This is the study of speech and the organs that are used in delivering speech in people. It also handles in general the faculties like swallowing, fluency and voice communication. There are however some common areas that relate to speech that can be handled independently.

Deafness and hearing disorders:

The ability to hear is very important in the development of speech. This is so because most infants would try their hands at speaking after trying to imitate older people or parents. It is often seen that subjects that have difficulties with hearing is bound to have problems with speech too. This leads to mis diagnosis and at time suggesting wrong remedies when it is in fact a problem with the hearing of sound.

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Voice problems:

It there are problems with the different parts of the throat and allied parts of the body, then it is seen that the person develops difficulty in expressing sounds. Thus the simple voice that we so take for granted is in fact a complex combination of a number of facilities.


This is a condition when continuous speech is not being delivered. The voice breaks into bits and pieces that have different pitch too. Thus smooth speech is not being rendered.

Developmental disabilities:

This is the lack of proper growth or development of the different parts of the body that handles speech. Often a psychological link can be established to a number of cases of speech abnormality.


Autism can produce persons with defective speech and proper rehabilitation steps involve the correction of speech in affected people.


This is a physical condition that comes about from improper functioning of the brain. At times the disability can be partial and rarely a full abnormality.

Thus we see that speech is contributed by a number of factors that all come together to pronounce sounds that we so take for granted. With the better understanding of the various steps and processes that contribute to good speech has enabled specialized attention to be focused on to this faculty. Still there is a long way to go to bring better services and relief to most people that suffer from speech difficulties.

Timely intervention

It cannot be stressed enough that the best results to things like speech therapy and such related activities are best gotten when the person is referred to the experts at a very young age. Corrective steps must be started at the very beginning. This is a very difficult task considering that young children are never developed enough to understand the deficiencies in themselves at the very early years of infancy. It is when parents find that various developmental milestones are not being kept that they get to realize that something is amiss.