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How Is Play Important In The Development Of Children

The simple application of mind

If a look into the past is attempted, it would soon be observed the role play had in the daily lives. Most vacations were spent with friends and relations just playing. At that particular time, it was not given much thought on the advantages of play. Children played simply because that was what they knew to do without any prompting. The studies conducted on young children pointed to the chemicals released during play and the role that play had in character formation.

Children played simply because it felt good to do so. Later on the skills developed while playing helped people get along with fellow beings and did in many ways help influence the decisions. Many people management skills that adults got to use all were developed during the time spent playing with others in the childhood.

The role playing

If an observation is made of children playing, there is bound to be certain kids with leadership qualities. They are the ones usually controlling and monitoring the playground. It is this leadership skill that can be used at a later stage of life. There have also been instances when the leadership qualities have been used negatively as well.

Thus the simple roles that people assume can all be traced to the times of play that the had as children. Playing also helps develop social skills that would stand good stead later on in life. The most basic of people controlling skills are all developed on the playground.

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Building self esteem

It is a very natural thing for people to have a healthy ego. In most cases the underdeveloped and badly formed ego can affect the person in many ways. Children that did spend a good amount of time on the playground did develop healthy egos that helped them in dealing with failures as well. It is often seen that life hands out more failures than successes. The right attitude in dealing with the failures in life would set apart the leaders from the followers.

Effects of lack of activities

The pressures that modern day living makes on living spaces have meant that children are denied the most basic of amenities, which is a play ground, near the residences. This has been displayed in the behavioral patterns of adults as they grew up from childhood. The newspapers are all loaded with gruesome crimes that were not heard of forty or fifty years ago.

The inability of the town planners in providing proper spaces for play and leisure has brought social stresses which are displayed in the extreme nature of crime and aberrations in behavior. With modern gadgets that has often replaced the grounds of play and replaced it with the TV screens and the screens of video games has brought out a different aspect to life. The consequences of this piece of technology would all be manifested in the years to come.

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People and living styles have all changed all too quickly that people have not been able to change sufficiently to adapt to the changes that took place. This has released pressures and tensions that were not in existence in the past. Changes in living and lifestyles must be gradual that people and systems have sufficient time to adapt and change as well.