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How can speech therapy make the difference needed in your child?

Most parents, even when knowing that their child requires the support of a professional speech and language therapist, do not understand the significance of the support the therapist can give their child. The immediate question that pops into their mind is whether the speech therapy center in Ernakulam and the therapist can help their child just the way they need. This may be the most important question the parents need answered apart from the likes of how to select the best therapy center in Kochi or about the costs involved in the therapy.

Let us see that now.

One of the most important things that a parent must understand is communication isn’t just about talking or talking a particular language; it is a broader process that covers everything from speech, hearing, listening, responding and comprehending and about non-verbal communication, as well. If you have discussed the same with a speech pathologist Ernakulam like us, they would tell you the same, too. Speech therapy is a holistic approach taken to improve various skills related to speaking and communication and develop necessary social skills in a child. This is what any speech & Language therapist in Ernakulam or anywhere else would aim to do.

When it comes to language development, which is often the focus area of a speech & Language therapist, it is not just about helping the child to speak, but also about helping them put several words together and improve their vocabulary effectively.

Language, different from many people misunderstand to be all about talking, as we try to impart into the children, is of two types; receptive and expressive.

The former focuses on those areas where the child needs to listen, understand and comprehend what is spoken to the child and the latter is all about responding effectively to what the child understands through the receptive faculties.

This is important as sometimes child may be talking but not according to what he/she was spoken to and this too is an issue to be taken care of.

As you would know, these are the major issues that prevent the child from having a better social life. At our speech therapy centre in Ernakulam, our focus is solely on the comprehensive development of the child when it comes to speech and language difficulties. Our experience has shown that when the communication skills are strengthened through receptive and expressive language interventions with the help of therapy sessions, the quality of the social life of the children will normally improve steadily.