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Getting Children To Be Responsible

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There is no fail safe formula that can be used to bring up children to be responsible members of society. As has been noticed in the past with rearing children, some common steps can lead to well rounded children that do take up responsibilities in the house hold and society too. Most well known and renowned public schools do incorporate some of the points discussed here to bring up children that behave and act responsibly.

Starting early

It is crucial that children should be brought up to behave early on in their lives. Most grooming activities must be introduced early in life at the most impressionable ages that a child goes through. The habits and practices that are picked up at the very early stages of childhood are more likely to last the entire life of people. Thus starting out early is crucial and a good advantage to have.

Affection, Acceptance and Attention

Parents and elders must have affection towards the children. Most children would only want to be accepted in society and often lack of affection can lead to socially misplaced adults that are hard to control and live with.

Accepting a child as he is what is meant by acceptance. It is common practice to find misfit adults that have been brought about by being alienated in society early on in life. It is a natural tendency to crave acceptance in society that people are a part of. This trait is true of most animals as well.

Being wanted is shown in the attention that comes with children. At the early stages of childhood it is a natural thing to be felt needed. This in turn would bring about attention to a child.

Role models

It is important in early childhood to be presented with good role models. The teaching of lives of notable personalities in history classes does serve this purpose. At the same time, the role models must be seen to relate to the young ones and not seen as some far off personalities. It is important to realize that the lives of role models too can be led by the pupils using them.

Creation of rewards

The concept that good behavior brings rewards must be enforced early on in the lives of children. This makes it easier to control the young minds as well as make it possible to relate good behavior with pleasant experiences as well. The positive enforcement would go a long way in forming character and strong minds.

Natural consequences

It must be introduced in the early stages of childhood that each action has its reactions or consequences. Relating good things with good consequences or results are the main building blocks to formation of well rounded and capable members of society. Lack of consequences to behavior brings about a certain lump men element to behavior as adults.

Believe in a person

It is very important that young children be believed in so early on in their lives. Even at the times of bad behavior and resentment, there must be the one person that would still believe in them. This has been the single most changing factor that most adults have come about to form.


With the various factors that go on to make and build character in children, it is important that the most points be observed as possible. The effects or results that follow only enforce the practice of steps as necessary and crucial to building characters and lives.