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Dealing With Learning Issues In Children

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Not all children are equally gifted and it is common to find children of differing abilities among a given class of students. There could also be instances when specialized care and attention is required in the case of some of the very extreme of cases. It would be apt to consider children as gifts from god and comparing the misfortune of one to another is not a healthy trend. Each child is gifted in a unique way to make an impression in this world and the role of parents or guardians must be to facilitate this process.

The acceptance stage

First and foremost that a parent must do is to accept the fact that their child is differently gifted. This could be very difficult for a good number of parents and usually an effort is made to identify the cause of the disability.

There are a number of cases when a proper cause cannot be assigned to occurrences in children. This could lead to soul searching exercises that could lead the concerned individual in a very spiritual search. The quicker the parent get to accept the situation rather than apply causes to the condition the better.

Making space

Once the situation arising out of a differently talented child is accepted, then the next exercise is to make provisions for the better integration of the individual in society. Modern schools and schools that cater exclusively to children with disabilities are so common these days that finding a proper school near the home of the challenged child would be possible.

If possible, provision must be made for the one-to-one teaching of the child preferably by a single tutor. In the initial stages of the instruction, it does help to have contact most of the time with a single tutor as the tutor can better identify the condition properly and to the best possible extent.

Most children with disabilities children would not be able to respond to large amounts of stimuli and targeting them with more than they can handle comfortably would not serve much purpose. It is important the first few steps are indeed successful as the provision for correction mid-way would be very minimal.

Understanding and support

As a parent, they are expected to stand by the handicapped children right through their first steps to the fruitful integration into general society. There would be numerous instances when the bonds between parents and child would be tested to the maximum and things could reach breaking point. This should be avoided at all times and the parents must be prepared for everything come what may.

With very little by way of precedence in most cases with children with disabilities, most of the time things are being tried out for the first time. Thus patience must be the keyword for the parents as well as the staff that are at the facilities that the children get to use daily.


The advances that modern science has made pales in comparison to what can be done for children with disabilities. Most mentally handicapped children would get to spend a good part of their lives having to make do with pitiful glances and words of commiserations. It is to this attitude that parents and workers must strive to change; with time and effort.