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Common Speech Disorders Among Children

It is at the onset of early childhood that parents become aware of the deficiencies that their children have in speaking. Speech is not just inherited but is usually a factor of external influences that shape and form people’s way of speaking and expressing themselves. Being aware of the various deficiencies does help identify the defects at early onstage, to be corrected while the child moves into early childhood.


As the term signifies, stuttering is the uneven production of sound that children at the early stages of speech development exhibit. There could be physical as well as psychological reasons for this habit and can be rectified with proper treatment.


This too is the uneven pronunciation of sound and is usually confused with the term above. It is often the duration of discontinuity that differentiates stammering from stuttering. At times it really is difficult to tell the two defects apart. In most cases the reasons for a stutter can also be the contributing factor to stammering as well.



This form of speech abnormality occurs due to the ill formed words that can be said to be missing out on formation. The reasons for a lisp could be numerous and that can have roots in the child’s psyche and physical well being.

Apraxia of speech:

The abnormal control of muscles that permit speech is a contributing factor to this abnormality. This can effectively be controlled by proper therapy that would seek to bring the muscles under control.

Developmental Expressive Language Disorder: :

When children find it difficult to use expressive language and still stick to baby language even in higher classes, it points to a developmental disorder that needs to be addressed quickly. Extensive language training that aims to address this disorder is key to proper guidance and formation of the speech in such children.

Selective mutism:

In this disorder the child would be normal in usual circumstances but has problems speaking in public of with people that are not familiar to the child. There are a number of techniques that helps remove this block that the child faces and it is usually the norm to address this abnormality with counseling. A number of cases have been sorted out without the use of excessive medication and with just plain counseling

Speech delays:

A very common factor in child development in the world of nuclear families. When the role that grandparents play in removing the blocks those young infants has, it leads to this speech delays. As with most speech difficulties, the disorder usually passes away with the onset of schooling and the student life.

The stresses that modern living does place a lot of stress on young children and their development. Speech is the first developmental process the child goes through and any deficiency that is had is demonstrated in abnormalities of speech. There are a number of institutes that help with the proper handling of any type of speech deformities and there is no lack of attention to be had.

Proper psychological growth along with the physical growth is a sure way of keeping the mind and body healthy. Getting to know of a condition early on in its occurrence is key to successfully managing and bring it under control.

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