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Building Good Character In Children

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Formation of character in people takes place at the very early stages of child development and that people don’t quiet realize the importance of the formative years. By the time the child get to 12 or 13 years, the character would have been formed and behavioral traits defined. There is very little by way of input that can bring about changes once the formative years are past.

This brings us to the important steps that need to be followed to mold and form character in children.

Providing the proper role models

This could be the single most point that could at times be beyond the control of parents. Role models can be taken up from close associations with people or just characters that the child observes on TV too. With the wide range of people that a child encounters each day, it is difficult to make him pick the best choice.

At times the situations that people play out on TV could well create a lasting impression that could take root in the child’s subconscious. Thus giving the child enough room to move about at the same time closely monitoring the various influences that society in general has on the person would be a good way of influencing the choice of role models.

Proper use of praise

There is no telling the effect that praise has on young children. It seeks to reinforce positive behavior at the same time help form a good sense about oneself. The complements themselves must not be far in between but at the same time a positive effort has to be made in getting them too.

The child must realize that praise and appreciation is had with an effort to do the right actions and deeds. Something that is easily got would not be valued by children at any stage of their development. At the same time, it must be seen to be within reach as well, thus setting out goals or aims that the child would aspire to reach.

Role of punishment

Reprimands and punishment must be given to bring the child to realize the mistake committed and never should be seen as a discouragement. The roles that mothers and fathers play make it optimum that each parent guides the word in their strong points. Always leave open room for communication whenever it is needed. There is no worse situation than have a child blocked from both parents and this is when negative role models happen to troop in.

Avenues for good manners and behavior

There is more to manners and behavior than just to preach them. Ample opportunity must be given to practice them as well. This puts into perspective the actions that are so needed to make a relationship work.

Often parents are quick to point out faults in children without appreciating the good in them. This is typically what tends to set bad precedents among young children when they do not see the results of good behavior.

The needed direction

There are a number of cases when children seem to lack direction in action and words. This is particularly a dangerous situation as often it is at this juncture that the child is lead astray. A vigilant parent must be able to step in and act as the correcting force that is so necessary for the further development and growth of a healthy child.