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How to Understand if Your Child Needs Speech Therapist

Speech development is often expected to happen naturally in children. As it is a natural phenomenon, many parents do not consider latency in speech development in children to be a serious issue. However, among children of age 3 and 4, extra care must be taken to understand if the process of speech development is normal. It is quite natural that children utter certain sounds differently and they normally do not follow the logical structure of the sentence like the adults do. Such issues are to be expected as the children are only beginning to fully develop their faculties of speech and language.

However, there are certain issues that may indicate certain speech issues in children and must be addressed at the earliest. One of the easiest to ways to correct such issues, apart from getting the help of the best speech therapy centre is to identify such issues as early as possible. However, for parents this may be a different sort of issue as they do not have experience in doing so.

Here are a few important points to keep in mind for all parents to understand any such issues as easily as possible and get the support from the best, affordable speech therapy centers in Kochi.

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If the children constantly mispronounce vowels; instead of saying bow, saying boo.

If the children do not make use of consonants and speak only using vowels.

If the children continue to communicating only in single words and do not make phrases or long sentences.

If the children make use of the same words over and over again. Or, using a word only once and not using the same ever again.

If the children cannot connect the spoken words to any related objects or a picture in the book.

If the children are unable to answer the questions but only able to repeat the question you have asked without giving any sort of answers. This can be more often noticed by parents when they ask the children if they need anything.

If the children are unable to comprehend words indicating the directions and placement of objects such as over, above, under, in and out etc.

Most of these issues, when constantly observed in children between the ages three and four, can indicate issues related to speech and language development. As understanding the issues earlier and consulting a professional speech therapy center in Kochi can make a lot of difference in the development of the children towards future, parents must try to understand if there are any such issues in children.

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