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PECS and All You Need to Know About It

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PECS or Picture Exchange Communication System is a one-of-a-kind alternative/augmentative communication interference method developed in 1985 as a means to help people having autism spectrum disorders and other related developmental concerns. PECS was used in the Delaware Autistic Program for the first time and it quickly gained world recognition as it focuses upon the initiation constituent of any communication. PECS does not require any sort of complex or intricate materials to carry out the entire process.

system was created as a collaborative effort keeping in mind various family, educational and child care settings and hence it can be used anywhere effectively. As an effective method to develop the communication of autistic children, many speech and language therapy centers use it to good effects.

The 6 Phases of PECS

There are six phases in PECS and are explained below.

PHASE I: How to Communicate

In this stage the candidate will be trained and will learn to trade single images of activities or items they want to indulge in or want.

PHASE II: Distance and Persistence

In the second stage, the students or the children will continue to use the single images and will learn generalizing the newly acquired skill by making use of it in diverse places and with different individuals across various distances. The students will be taught to become more relentless communicators.

PHASE III: Picture Discrimination

In this phase, candidates will learn to choose from multiple pictures for the things that are their favorite. These images are stored in a communication book where the images can be easily detached for communication.

PHASE IV: Sentence Structure

At this stage the candidates are required to construct simple sentences. The sentences are usually created on a removable sentence-strip by making use of an “I want” image followed by another image of the item that is being asked.

Attributes and Language Expansion: Here, the candidates will learn to make their sentences bigger and more meaningful by adding appropriate verbs, prepositions and adjectives.

PHASE V: Answering Questions

At this phase the students will learn to make effective use of PECS to answer the questions being asked such as ‘What do you want?’

PHASE VI: Commenting

Here, the students will be taught to comments on the responses of the question previously asked. The questions will normally be;

‘What do you see?’

‘What do you hear?’

‘What is it?’

Further, they will also taught to answer the questions starting with the following respectively;

‘I see’

‘I feel’

‘It is a’

Owing to its effectiveness and simplicity, PECS has been extensively used by several speech therapy centers in Kochi to drive desired results.

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autism treatment-kerala