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An 8-year-old child with specific learning disabilities

The child and the concerns

Gayathri was an eight year old child studying in 3rd standard. She was the eldest child of her parents who have two more children. They live with their grandparents in Thripunithura, Kochi. Gayathri was born and brought up in Kochi and has had healthy growing cycles without any hint of developmental issues.

One of our speech and language therapists was informed by her parents that she started to fall behind in the class in language and reading. Her parents told us that, when they first were first informed about the child’s issue they thought that the issue was normal. However, as the time went on, she started to fall even more behind, which promoted them to try to get the help the best speech and language therapist in Kochi.

How we, the best speech therapy centre in Ernakulam helped the child

To get the best picture of the scenario, we also spoke with the child’s teacher who showed her concern that the child sometimes exhibited inconsistent vocabulary—sometimes difficulty in using simple words and some other times, effectively using good, higher words, above her grade and age.

We planned for sessions to further understand her language skills—both in reading, writing and comprehending. Based on the learning, we created a specific intervention plan for the child to address the issues effectively.

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As an experienced speech pathologist Ernakulam, we also sought the help of the family of the child and the teacher to support Gayathri at home and the school with the exercises given to her to carry out in order to address the issues that worried her.

The result

Over a period of time and upon completing the tasks assigned to the child with the wholehearted support of the child and teacher, Gayathri exhibited signs of improvement in language areas such as reading, writing and comprehending.

In order to ensure that the child gets more comfortable at various aspects, we assigned the intervention of a speech and language therapist, further.