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Aims Of Good Parenting In Children

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Most parents would aim at inculcating some good traits in children that do more that say the customary greetings. There are a good many schools that help with this task. But no amount of schooling can replace the basic foundation that a good set of values that good parents can pass on to their wards.

Ownership or responsibility

This is among the most basic of traits that a child should pick up from parents. It is usually seen that parents that show a direction in words and actions do tend to have children with responsibilities to actions and in what they say to others.

The need to prepare the young children for a time without the close supervision of parents must be started early on in childhood. Each child must be trained to act responsibly. But this does not mean that the child must be stripped of its childhood. Thus a fine balance is to be maintained in all the childhood activities that the child gets to a part of.

Aims in life

It is important for anybody to have goals and aims in life. Be it the adults or the children, each person must have clear and identifiable aims in life. It is only when there are clear demarked aims that people act with purpose. At times the lack of an aim in life is shown in the tardiness to the person’s grooming and associated activities.

When a person has an aim in life, it shows in the immediate surroundings and manners of such people. He would be driven by a passion that is beyond mere words. The very action and word would be towards this purpose.

Values and their role in life

Values are what define a person. A strong set of values would stand good stead in life no matter the circumstances that people find themselves to be in. During times of trials and tribulations, it is a strong set of values that would see the person through life’s activities.

Most people would get their initial set of values from the parents and adults in the early lives. As children are good imitators, it is usual for the young minds to pick up the values set forth by the parents. There is no replacing the formative years that is so important in the lives of young children.

Concept of rewards

That every action brings with it a set of appropriate rewards must be emphasized early on in life. When young children gets to relate good behavior to better appreciation or bad behavior to appropriate action, then it soon establishes an action reward link. This would stay on right throughout their lives to condition every action that they would contemplate.

The link to bad vibes to a wrong action is key to establishing good behavior. Often external rewards only go onto reinforce a good behavioral trait that has been developed in young children. The role that positivity plays in developing children and their behavioral traits are all too pronounced. Thus the difference between acceptable behavior and any misadventures must be clearly established. Praise can be used to good effect in molding behavior and attitudes in children. Rarely has reprimands played a more constructive role in shaping behavior than in young children.