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A second standard boy with expressive language disorder

The child and concern

Abhishek was a 6-year-old boy who was the second child of his parents who had two more children. The parents, who were advised by his teacher to get the support of a speech therapist in Kochi, informed us that he was a late talker. The parents approached as they hoped that our speech and language therapists would be able to sure help him.

We were told by the parents that Abhishek had troubles expressing his thoughts in words and phrases that match what he wants to say. He is said to have been ridiculed at school by his classmates as he is unable to communicate with them effectively and they also explained that he has been reluctant to attend school, because of that.

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How our team of experienced speech pathologists in Kochi helped him

We had a few conversations with Abhishek to understand about his speech capabilities. He was reluctant at the beginning and as we encouraged him and gained his trust, he was able to open up and share his concerns. Upon examining the results, our speech pathologists at our speech therapy centre in Kochi found that he had problems recalling exact words that fit the thoughts he wants express.

As we had to understand the impact of this on his studies, we had discussions with his teacher who said that Abhishek had difficulty in reading, comprehension and writing. Our team of speech pathologists in Kochi began identifying the areas such as the use of words and specific grammar areas to help the child use it better.

We helped him practice the same during drills and use them in conversations. The help of the child’s teacher was also sought to create a positive environment for the child at the class. Abhishek was also encouraged by us to continue attending school.

The result

Through our interventions, the child exhibited better expressive language capabilities. He also resumed his schooling which he now finds to be quite interesting with his friends.