Center for child development

A case study of a student with learning disabilities

The student and the concerns

Anuja came to us after being referred to us by her learning consultant. She had already attended three schools before but had issues with reading and writing. She was blessed with great memory but her limited writing and reading abilities restricted from using the same to the extent possible.

As it was observed with children having learning disabilities, her problems lay not just with academics but also in social and behavioral patterns as well.

The observations

Our prime objective was to instill a sense of trust and friendship with us, at the beginning of our approach, before we began to start intervene at the academic issues of the child.

Our teachers, through effective methods and perseverant efforts, established ways to reach out to her and ward of the fear that was in her. The fear, we found, was because of the constant moving of her from one school to another that had different people, atmosphere and teachers.

Our interventions and approach

We started by giving her smaller assignments that were designed to meet attainable short-term goals. We concluded that it is through her strength that we can reach to her to help her address the issues with reading and writing.

We devised methods to assess her development by using her string memory such as;

Oral testing

Dramatic role- playing

Project-based assessments


We tried to focus on her strengths to instill high levels of self-esteem and confidence so that we can drive her confidently to venture into the weak areas such as reading and writing.

We put her in smaller groups that were given several reading and writing tasks and care was given to ensure that Anuja was not overwhelmed with the assignments given.

The result

Anuja was able to improve her writing and reading skills effectively and create great bonds with the teacher and her peers. She started to become more active socially and improved her behavioral patterns, as well.