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5 Reasons Your Non-verbal Child Needs Speech Therapy

Most of the parents, and society at large, think that the non-verbal children do not require speech therapy. After all, they think that the children are non-verbal and what use is there in subjecting them to language and speech therapy by a professional speech therapist in Ernakulam. People thinking in those lines cannot possibly be farer from the fact that communication is not just about speaking and language, it is much more.

Let us see those reasons at a deeper light;

Help from the best speech therapy center can help the child communicate better:

Most of the speech pathologists are required to help the children without voice through aided and/or unaided communication supports. The chances are high for the children to start communicating better when given aids such as communication devices or applications. Most of the speech & language therapists in Kochi have all the facilities to help the child with such aids.

Speech therapy is more about communication, not just about speech:

Speech therapy, by the very name of it, might have many believing that it is all about speech. However, while speech therapy includes speech as a component, it is never only about speech; it includes comprehension, vocabulary, sequencing and non-verbal communication. It might surprise you to know that a large part of communication is carried out and augmented by non-verbal communication.

Social skills are complemented by speech and language:

Possession of adept language skills is an important prerequisite for everyone to have a healthy social life. Understanding which type of social behavior is accepted and unaccepted is really important to lead a positive social life. As the case is, it is important that even the non-verbal children undergo speech therapy sessions under the tutelage of an experienced speech pathologist Ernakulam to drive the desired results.

Speech and language therapy aids in reading:

Reading is an important element that can improve the overall language and literary abilities of a child and speech therapy helps non-verbal child develop reading skills effectively. It can not only develop the child’s communication process with the others, it can, in time, introduce the child to a world of different ideas and imagination that can impact the development the child into a socially responsible citizen.

The therapy supports other communication methods:

Professional speech pathologists will also help the children develop alternate methods of communication. This includes gestures, sign language and vocalization etc. to aid the non-verbal child communicate better.