Center for child development

11-Year-Old Boy with Stilted and Rote Language

The child and the concern

Henry, an 11-year-old boy in his 5th standard was brought to us by his parents seeking the advices and intervention, if needed, from an experienced speech and language therapist. Henry was the younger of the two boys the parents had and they live in Aluva, Kochi.

The parents were attended by one of our speech pathologist in Ernakulam to understand the concern. We were informed that Henry was has been a good student scoring high grades till the end of the 4th grade. From the fifth grade, he began to exhibit a decline in his grades continuously.

The parents also informed us that his class teacher had informed them about the same previously and they thought the issue to be normal with children. However, they began considering the intervention of a speech therapy centre Ernakulam only when the child started to exhibit certain complex behavioral patterns due to which his classmates started to alienate him from friend circles.

How we tacked the concern and planned for the intervention

Analyzing Henry’s speech patterns, language abilities and academic and familial background we decided to assess the language efficiency of the child. We used a couple of standard assessment techniques to learn more about the issues of the child.

Carefully analyzing the results observed we learned that the child did have strong language skills. However where he lacked severely was pragmatic language skills and this is identified to be the pressing issue behind the child’s dwindling academic performance and behaviors at the school. As the best person to help children with pragmatic language disorder is a speech and language therapist, the case was moved to one of our best language therapists in Ernakulam.

The specific intervention approach we used for Henry included structured language programmes, intensive interaction and social stories along with non-directive communication therapy. Our speech pathologists in Kochi also gave orientation classes to the parents and the teacher to support Henry and to aid him in his development.

The result of the program

As expected, the child’s social skills gradually began to improve; slowly, but progressively. We also have sessions with Henry to help him meet the challenges of his exams, as well.