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Food: Tips for Picky Children

Are you worried that your toddler does not eat anything but chicken rolls? Or do you notice that your child prefers playing to eat? This can be an issue troubling the minds of the parents as picky children might not get the all the nutrients as they become picky about their food. It becomes all the more difficult when the child has developmental issues. However, in order to avoid making your mealtime an arena of battle, you can make use of the following tips.

Consider the appetite of your children—or the lack of it

We have often come across several parents who are worried about the food habits of their children at our speech therapy center in Kochi. The first thing we ask these parents to do is to respect the appetite of the children or the lack there of it. What happens when parents force or coerce children to take meals, they will quickly categorize mealtime with stress and anxiety and it can make the children become insensitive to cues of hunger or even begin to ignore it.

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Make a routine and stick to it

Make sure that you serve meals at the same time everyday and fill the time in-between with snacks. This can help the child get all the needed nutrients through snacks if he/she chooses to skip meal. Avoid letting the child fill her/him up with juice or milk all day, as it may reduce the child’s appetite for regular meals. In order to avoid this, provide milk or juice along with the meals or snacks.

Show patience with new food and give children time

Parents are always parents and can many times overwhelm the children with newer food every time and cane be less patient with them. For children, especially with developmental concerns, new meals are always a mystery. The new texture, tastes and flavors of the meal can be a little intimidating for the children. As such, parents must give enough time for the children to get acquainted with new foods.

Make mealtime a fun affair

If the main objective of the parents is to make children eat all their food, most of the autism spectrum disorder therapy centers in Kochi would advise the parents to make mealtime a fun-filled ride for children. Put some efforts into cutting vegetables in different shapes, give them favorite dips with food and make it all the more colorful.

Mealtime must also be a social conditioning for the child and parents must take this into consideration. Make the child sit at the table for the designated time with the family. As the food habits of the children mature, they will start liking food for the comfort of the parents.

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How to Help Your Nonverbal Child Speak

One of the most challenging aspects in dealing with children with autism is to get them to learn speaking. Researchers have published findings emphasizing that language skills can be developed in nonverbal children, even after the age of four, and in teenagers, as well.


With this in mind, we bring to you this post of tips to help your nonverbal child speak;

Support play and social interaction:

Playing is one of the major aspects that help child understand the concept of sociability. It is through playing that a child learns many things and language is one of such things leant through while playing. As playing promotes social interactions, it can help them slowly develop language skills.

Create impressions of your child:

Mimicking the behavioral patterns and the sounds of your child can help them be encouraged to be more vocal and daring to talk. One of the aspects that shy children away from talking is their fear of being not accepted. When the child understands that you are with him/her, it can be a great perquisite for them to make attempts to talk.

Let the child fill the language gap:

This is another important aspect that parents need to take care of while helping the child learn the language. It is natural to have an urge to help the child with language when there is a gap from the child while talking. Wait patiently for the child to make the effort to find the right word or the phrase to continue communicating. Encourage them with prompts with the sounds that they make. This can further encourage them to communicate.


Talk simple language: Another important aspect that can help your child start communicating more confidently is to ensure that the language you talk is simple. Help the child use and get acquainted with words they constantly use. If the child is playing with a ball, use word such as ‘roll’ or ‘ball’. Connect words to create a phrase such as ‘roll ball’ that are easier for the child to understand, repeat and use.


Simple techniques such as these, over a period of time, can definitely help the child become more verbal.

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Why early intervention is important for children with Developmental Delays

It is only natural that parents have a natural understanding about the development of their child; from rolling over, then walking and to saying the first word. There are the traditional developmental milestones that everyone associates with a child’s growth.

However, what if things don’t go as expected?

If you think or feel that your child isn’t showing the developmental signs like its peers, it is really important that you search for intervention programs for your child is really essential.


There are studies that show the importance of early interventions in correcting the developmental cycle of children with developmental delays.


The Developing Child Center at Harvard University emphasizes the importance of early interventions established through years of various researches conducted in the field. During the early stages of development of a child, the brain, in its developing stage, is more receptible and flexible to develop new and fresh neural circuits to facilitate the basic motor, language and cognitive skills.


As a result, the need for the child to undergo institutionalization and special education naturally decreases, which in turn helps to reduce the economic and social burden of the family and develop the child as a more contributing and viable adults in future.


Even though early intervention is one of the best ways to help develop the child to be a better adult than otherwise, it has to be carefully done. The child must be given the required training and support from only those who are qualified to do so. The best entity to get the help from is the governmental bodies that are established to make interventions to these aspects.


Even though such governmental bodies can help you drive better development in your child through better intervention, as parents you must be able to create conducive environment at home which favors the development of the child.

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Tips that parents of children with ADHD must know

For parents of children with ADHD—Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, it is natural that most of the everyday affairs with the children become a battle in its own right. This happens more so with parents who are new to dealing with children with ADHD.

In order to make their lives and that of the children better, the following can help

Rewards, not punishments

One of the major aspects to understand about children with ADHD is that they respond better when rewarded than when punished. Since behavioral growth is an important element, using rewards can bring in much desired changes in children than otherwise. Hence, parents must use rewards more often than punishments.

Work with your child

Another aspect that parents must understand about the child with ADHD is that, they must be nurtured constantly to grow as a better individual. As the child may have certain limitations when it comes to behaving, learning and speaking along with several other limitations, you need to work with your child as a team. This can not only induce better growth but also instill the child with confidence, as well.

Focusing on the child’s strength

It is only natural that your child might have a few strengths even when he/she has ADHD. In order to help the child walk on the right path, you need to focus on the child’s strengths. Emphasizing on the weaknesses of the child might send wrong signals to the child. On the other hand, when focusing on the things that the child ‘can do’, it naturally strengthens the self-esteem of the child, which is very important for a child with ADHD.

Induce motor-skills development games

One of the important aspects that can drive growth of a child with ADHD is the development of their motor skills. If you can make use of games that elicit the development of motor skills of the child, it can do wonder in helping the child develop better.

These are only the basic aspects that a parent must pay attention to and use to bring about the behavioral changes they want in their child.

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How to Find the Best Child Care for Special-Needs Children

Every parent wants to send their children to the best child care there is. When it comes to searching for a child care for your child having special needs, it is an entire different beast that you have to encounter. It is important that you find a child care provider who understands what it is to have children with special needs, how to care for them, what type of activities are to be adopted for them and the like. Above all, the provider must be willing to listen to you and work with you to help in the growth of your child.

In your efforts to find the best child care provider for your child with special needs, understanding the following factors can help you in making the best decision.

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Select a Special-Needs Day Care

In order to make the best choice, consider if you need a regular child care or a special child care for your child with special needs. Consider all your requirements as well as your child’s while selecting a day care. Since day care is the place where your child is going to spend most of her/his time, selecting one that can meet most of your requirements, as well as your child’s, is very crucial. The growth process of your child is going to be molded and driven by the environment at the day care and the staffs there.

Get help from trusted sources

In order to provide the help needed by parents having kids with special needs, there are a myriad of trusted NGOs and organizations that one can find. Most of the times, there will be such sources that you can find associated with the centers where you go for your child’s therapy.

It is advised that you get the help from such trusted and established sources as there may be other dangers associated with sending your child to a place where there is no approval or adequately trained staff or support systems.

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Check for the facilities of the day care

One of the most important and foremost things to consider while selecting a child care for special-needs children is to evaluate the facilities provided by the child care. Care must be given to understand the systems of operation, hygiene and availability of enough space for the child to conduct. Since physical activities can also be a part of many therapies, check if there is enough space for the children to move around and play.

Qualified staff

Another important aspect that parents must take care, while trying to select a child care for special-needs children, is to check if there is adequate staff that can help your child the best way possible. Ensure that the staffs have all the required qualification and approval from the concerned governmental departments to operate in whatever capacity they operate at the facility.

It is also important to understand if there is any nursing staff at the child care to provide the necessary treatment and care if any such situations arise.

The support offered by the child care to you

Most of the times, the child with special needs must continue the therapy even after returning from the therapy centre. As the child spends most of his/her time in the child care, it is important that the teachers at the centre must also be willing to help you. They must be willing to understand the conditions of your child, understand the therapies that your child is undergoing and help the child go through the same during his/her time at the child care.

Though most of the child cares provide such facilities and are willing to work closely with the parents to help the child develop naturally, it is always imperative that the parents ensure and confirm about the same.

One of the best things to consider, apart from the above mentioned aspects, is to ask important questions yourself about various facilities offered by the child care. If analyzing the child care facility is able to help you answer most of these questions in a more positive light, then you can consider the child care for your child. However, it is always advised that you consider multiple child care facilities to select the best among them.

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