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Qualities In Children That Comes With Good Parenting

Often the parents are the first role models that most children grow up with. As the child grows older, different sets of values that are conditioned by external influences and other factors are introduced to the young minds. It thus falls on the parents to act as ideal role models that could set an example for the early development of children.

There are some desirable qualities in children that most good parents must attempt at inculcating. It would apt to discuss a few of them here briefly.


The value of leadership is to the most fundamental to the development of any child early on in life. It must be usually followed that a good parent sets the role by acting in a leadership role early on in life. Most instances of people not taking up roles of responsibility can be analyzed as lacking leadership ability. This is also a value that cannot be taught in classes but must be enacted to achieve results.

With the proper role models a leader can bring about changes to society and the surroundings that are associated with such people. Children are taught to be the changes that needs to be brought about around themselves.

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It is important that structures be established early on in life. The ability of the immediate surrounding that a child is brought up in, being able to form structured thoughts are a major plus point. It is indeed a good structure that teaches a child of the actions and the resultant consequences to actions. A good structured upbringing does help relate the occurrences to actions committed. A person loose in structural mooring would tend to go astray like a ship without an anchor.

Cause and effect

That every action would bring about an appropriate reaction is to be emphasized early on in the lives of children. The effects are due to a cause must be brought to the attention of most children so as to bring about a transformative changes to society and in children as well. If a child could relate to a certain condition as being brought about by particular action, then he would be in better control of the situation.

The concepts of rewards and consequences are best used to bring about a greater awareness to the concepts early on in life.


Being disciplined does not mean to be quiet. Being disciplined would mean being in total control of any situation that might arise. It is often the crux to success. At times a disciplined person is able to better manage situation to bring about conclusions to certain processes. Often it would mean going against instincts that have been formed by years of conditioning to be able to override the most base of feelings.

It is a disciplined child that knows to think before acting. This can only be done if a strong correlation is established to actions and their consequences. Often a child that had been introduced to the concepts of rewards and the efforts needed to achieve targets or goals would in most probability be a better disciplined person than one who cannot do so. Being disciplined would mean that the child is in total control of the situation and can only be brought about by good assertive parenting.

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