Center for child development

Behavioural Therapy

Children suffering from Autisim Spectrum Disorder or ASD, AHDD, or other behavioural problems can be offer palliative care through paediatric counselling. Cognitive behavioural therapy for children is intended toreduce anxiety levels and helping them learn alternative ways to facilitate them to give vent to ideas, feelings and moods in intuitive manner. Child behavioural therapists with Prayatna has extensive training and experience in handling children with behavioural issues.

We help your children with therapeutic ways that identify the child’s inner thoughts. This would help them segregate real thoughts from the multitude of thoughts playing out in the background. The productive thoughts would help them channelize innate energies for constructive purposes.

Our behavioural therapy for kids would help afflicted children respond positively to different situations. We encourage them act out issues concerning them through creative role playing or interaction with dolls and sensory items. CBT for Kids will help children express themselves in a simple manner without fear of consequences. This therapy will upgrade the inherent trust level within the affected kids. Our child psychiatrist would work closely with kids so as to better understand the nuances of their behaviour. Counselling for child behaviour would be provided based on the outcomes of the study of children in close quarters. This ensures that the therapy would bear fruit in real time and your child’s expressive capabilities will be restored to normalcy within a short span of time.

Our team of paediatric therapists would help children reason out the causes for particular behaviour types and learn more about the trigger points so as to deal with them successfully as they show up. We have the complete paediatric infrastructure in place which is used for offering palliative and curative care for children with emotional problems. Behavioural Therapy will help children manage stress better, cope with challenges, and relax.

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