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Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment

Prayatna has been delivering exceptional autism spectrum disorder treatments in Kochi for years and we have helped a range of children with diverse developmental issues of the disorder. As we understand that there is no cure for autism, we help the children become better at conducting themselves and at talking, playing and behaving.

autism treatment-kerala

Our approach at Prayatna

Our team understands that each child, her situations and developmental requirements are unique. With this perceptive in mind, we create unique solutions that can address the fundamental issues that cause such challenges in children and prepare them to meet these challenges. The ultimate goal of each of these programs is to enhance the abilities of the child to function normally by effectively addressing various troubling and degenerative symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. Along with these, we also support the overall development and learning of the child.

Parents come to us from different parts of Kochi seeking to help their child with various developmental issues, and we, as an experienced behavioral therapy center take the children under our treatment plan helping them learn various critical communication, social, behavioral and functional skills.

Why we are the best autistic speech therapy center in Kochi?

Though there are severalspeech and language pathologists and other parts of Kochi, no center offers the kind of service that we offer. The following attributes make one of the best sought-after and respected speech and language specialists

autism treatment-kerala

Our unmatched experience:

We have been in the field for years helping several children through creative and scientifically proven techniques to become better at functioning, communicating and behaving. Our experiences have also helped us create exceptionally efficient intervention and therapy plans that can address the issues effectually.

Our team of professionals:

As a responsible speech therapy center that provides holistic help to meet the developmental challenges of children, we are fortified with specialists well versed in different field of developmental fields including speech and language, behavioral and learning. Our team consists of several;

Clinical psychologists


Special educators

Occupational therapists

Speech and language pathologists

All of the above have years of professional experience in helping children with a myriad of speech, language and behavioral issues.

We bring parents and to the mix:

As children spend most of their time either with their parents or with their teachers, we always treat them as a crucial part of our treatments. We orient parents and teachers with ways and means that can help the children become better.

you are looking for a professional speech pathologist professional that can help your children the best way, contact us, now.