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Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule

ADOS 2 Assessment Tool

The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, second edition (ADOS-2) is a semi-structured, standardized assessment of communication, social interaction, play/imaginative use of materials, and restricted and repetitive behaviours for individuals who have been referred because of possible autism spectrum disorder and is used worldwide by professionals who underwent specific formal training.

ADOS 2 Assessment kochi

It includes standard activities which are designed to elicit behaviors that are relevant to diagnose ASD at different developmental levels and chronological ages (from 12 month onwards to adult). It can be used with individuals at a wide range of developmental and language levels.

There are different modules which is chosen appropriately and administered on the basis of individual’s expressive language skills and chronological age.

It incorporates the use of planned social activities that provide standard contexts in which social interaction, communication and particular types of behavior that are likely to appear.

It creates a social world to understand more about the examinee which can be completed in a session of 40 to 60 minutes.

The scores determine the classification, range of concern and an individual’s own change in autism spectrum related symptoms over time.

The scores are used in conjunction with other information to formulate a clinical diagnosis. The results are helpful for treatment planning and special education classification.

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