Center for child development

About Early Learning Centre:

The Early Learning Programme aims to develop and improve children with special needs with adequate social, language and communication, motor, self-help and cognitive skills. This centre will assist kids with special needs to adapt to regular schooling through active intervention measures. This unique child-centred program aims in providing positive learning for children with special needs aged 2-5. The curriculum is designed to foster development of secondary disabilities and potential of the child. Early learning programme will help a child to learn with play-based individualised education plans that will encourage the child to learn through maximum independence and through self-exploration. Our project aims to develop a child to be creative in his\her own way.

The one-year holistic programme will mainly focus on social, functional and developmental skills of a child. This extensive programme also aims to develop cognitive skills, language and communication, motor skills and self-help skills (Activities of Daily living) of a child with special needs aged between 2-5 based on their functioning level.

Early learning centre will act as an easy transitionary facility for children set to enter primary school.